Saddam worked with bin Laden?

Saddam worked with bin Laden?

There may be evidence that Saddam and Osama have been working together quite closely. Now lest you say that this is a British newspaper reporting this and hence unreliable, the San Francisco Chronicle and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch have both reported on the existence of this evidence.

According to the story, files were found in the offices of the Mukhabarat, the Iraqi intelligence service, that indicate that an envoy of Al Quaida was invited to Baghdad in 1998 to discuss ways to cooperate against their common enemies, the US and Saudi Arabia. The article says it went so well that the meetings were extended a week.

If true, this puts another nail in the coffin of the objections of those who said we were not justified in attacking Saddam and that this was a detour from the War on Terror. Democrat presidential candidate Bob Graham likes to go around saying now that, sure we won in Iraq, but while we were focused on Iraq, al Quaida was regrouping. Really? Where have they conducted more attacks on us? And this new story appears to put the lie to that as well.