Rush is right again

Rush is right again

On Friday, Rush Limbaugh was asked by a caller what he thought of Apple’s new machines and new software and he said he loved them:

The G5 is going to go to 64 bits, and it’s going to change everything—which is why I’m so frustrated that this technology isn’t more mainstream. ... I’ve already hooked up audio, video, iChat - which is their version of AOL instant messenger—and it’s incredible.  It’s real-time video conferencing on your computer. ... The G5 is an even more advanced machine, yet Apple’s market share remains static!  They have so much superior equipment that they should have at least double the share of the market they hold now.  Apple is apparently a company that is so constrained by the political views of its corporate leadership and board, which now includes Algore, that it’s accepting lower sales.  What a shame.

That’s what I like about Rush. When sees a superior product he buys it without making it all about politics or ideology. Yet he sees clearly the ideological barriers that these companies set up for themselves that hold them back and hurts their consumers and shareholders.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli