Rumor proved true; now for the rest

Rumor proved true; now for the rest

Bishop Richard Lennon, auxiliary of Boston, was indeed give a new appointment today as bishop of Cleveland. I think this is good news for Cleveland. Bishop Lennon, despite what some people have said about him when he was apostolic administrator here in Boston, is a good man. He is a capable administrator, and we’ll have to see how he is as a pastoral leader. He is only 59, so this may not be his last assignment.

Cleveland, as you can see, was not on my list of dioceses that he could have been going to, but apparently Bishop Anthony Pilla had a reason to retire a little early. He is 73, two years short of mandatory retirement, but he’s been bishop of Cleveland since 1981. That’s a very long time.

What’s next for Boston

Lennon’s old job of vicar general will have to be filled. I’m hearing that Fr. Richard Erickson, currently serving as an Air Force chaplain, and a well-regarded former teacher at St. John’s Seminary, will be returning to take up that job.I’m told he is a straight shooter who knows what the problems in the Church are and isn’t shy about it. He’s not in the Voice of the Faithful mold.

As for the other auxiliaries, I still hear that Boles is going to retire soon. Irwin as well. Expect announcements of new appointments to come by the end of the month or at the beginning of May.

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Domenico Bettinelli