Rotating religions at the city council

Rotating religions at the city council

Wherever the people are happily living according to old customs that include Christian rituals in public, you can be sure that the forces of political correctness will soon show up to ruin it for everyone.

For 40 years, Lowell City Council members have begun meetings by bowing heads, clasping hands, and reciting the Lord’s Prayer, a tradition born of the Roman Catholic beliefs shared by the city’s oldest families. ... But tradition, some say, must give way for the new demographic reality of Lowell, where the number of Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims is growing rapidly.

This time it’s not the ACLU spoiling the custom but an “interfaith alliance” that wants the Our Father to be one of five prayers rotated through, including prayers from Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism. But why just those five? What about shamanism, Wicca, Satanism, Zoroastrianism, and so on? Where does it end? And what if all the council members are Christians, should they be forced to pray in a religion not their own?

Rest assured compromises are being worked out, but they shouldn’t bother. As soon as the ACLU gets wind of this, they’ll be up there with an injunction to prevent any prayers from being said whatsoever. That’s the US of A: Casting God out of the public square at every opportunity. And when the Lord is gone, what will replace Him?

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