Romney’s record on life, gays, and marriage attacked, defended

Romney’s record on life, gays, and marriage attacked, defended

So is Mitt a real conservative or not? The furor continues over Mitt Romney’s apparent change of heart on social conservative issues: abortion, gay rights, etc. Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review Online writes that many of the few conservatives in Massachusetts, those who would have seen Romney up close the past four years, have already written him off, going for Sen. Sam Brownback instead. Yet there are few prominent pro-lifers, in the major pro-life groups—who praise Romney as being a big help during his time as governor.

The question is whether Romney was doing everything he could do or just making a show of it considering that the Legislature would oppose him at every turn any way. In other words, there was little political cost in minimally satisfying the pro-life, pro-family crowd without truly going to the mat for them. (Although it doesn’t do the Brownback supporters any good to be even tangentially related to a certain Catholic blogger whose rantings have teetered on the edge of unhinged.)

Meanwhile, a video from Romney’s 1994 Senatorial campaign against Ted Kennedy has surfaced in which he proudly proclaims himself to be pro-abortion, pro-gay rights. Of course, Kennedy is no great shakes either so Romney was simply triangulating. The conservatives had no choice of candidate and so Romney appealed to the liberals. Cold political calculus?

Change of heart

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