Romney plays to the national audience

Romney plays to the national audience

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has been going on and on about seeking a legislative exemption for Catholic Charities from a law requiring gay adoptions. After initially opposing it, he suddenly had a change of heart.

Don’t be fooled. This is all politics. Romney’s term as governor ends after this November’s election. None of his potential successors are in favor of an exemption and neither are the leaders of the Legislature. Any bill filed for an exemption will die a quick death. And Romney knows it.

This is all about Romney’s run for the White House and his exemption bill is playing to the national audience. He needs to puff up his Red State bona fides and distance himself from the liberalism of his state. That’s why he’s suddenly claiming to be a pro-lifer when all this time in Massachusetts he’s been a “pro-choicer.” (Nobody’s buying that either.) And it’s why he’s suddenly pandering to the Catholic vote.

Don’t forget how important the Catholic vote is to the presidential election now. Romney evidently hasn’t.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli