Romney flip-flops and throws Catholics under the bus

Romney flip-flops and throws Catholics under the bus

My praise for Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney was premature the other day because he executed perfect flip-flop, and is now saying that he will force Catholic hospitals to give out so-called “emergency contraceptives” to rape victims even if the indications are that it would cause an abortion.

As I said earlier, we had an article on this matter in the November issue of Catholic World Report (available online in the Bettnet forum) which said in Catholic teaching, Catholic hospitals may administer drugs that can suppress ovulation or destroy the sperm, if they have first determined that ovulation has not occurred. If the victim has ovulated, then nothing is to be done because any steps taken could cause an abortion, and then we would have two victims of the rape, not one.

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Domenico Bettinelli