This past Saturday night we went to my 20th high school reunion for the Class of 1986, Canton High. It was ... interesting. I’d only been to one reunion before, my tenth, which was fine although it wasn’t really enough time to see how people had really changed.

But at this reunion I realized that most people were just not going to change that much. A few observations, aided by Melanie’s third-party point of view. First, all of the women were so skinny. And not just skinny, but almost painfully skinny. Did they all go on diets before the reunion? Did those who had gained weight not bother coming? In a related observation, Melanie noted how short everyone is. I hadn’t noticed before, but a majority of my class are below average height. Sure, there are a few 6-foot men and women, but nearly everyone is about 5-foot-7 or less. Quite a few guys were shorter than me. I wonder if there’s something in the water in Canton. Now I know why I’ve never understand people referring to me as short.

Above all, Melanie noted that no one looked old. When you think of 20th reunion, you think of a bunch of people nearly 40 years old. When you’re a teen that seems ancient, but Melanie—who’s several years younger than me—everyone looked to be in her peer group. There were a few gray hairs scattered about but not a whole lot.

Dressed up, low-key, fitting in

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