Report: SSPX reconciliation imminent… again

Report: SSPX reconciliation imminent… again

An Italian newspaper is once again reporting that reconciliation with the breakaway Society of St. Pius X is imminent. Il Giornale, in an article translated by the Rorate Caeli blog, said that will the re-election of Bishop Bernard Fellay to another 12-year term as head of the SSPX, he may be more amenable to an agreement.

It is possible that, in the past period, with the knowledge that his term was nearing its end, Fellay would have hesitated. Now, however, precise signals are expected in the Vatican. The terms of agreement include the acceptance of the theological agreement already agreed in 1988 by Archbishop Lefebvre and the then Cardinal Ratzinger, the lift of the excommunications decreed by the Holy See after the illegitimate ordination of four bishops by the same Lefebvre, and a canonical structure, similar to that of the military ordinariat, which allows the Fraternity Saint Pius X to preserve its seminaries and to incardinate [its own] priests.

Simultaneously to the agreement, the Holy See will announce a kind of liberalization of the pre-Conciliar Missal of Saint Pius V—a measure very much expected also by Traditionalists in communion with Rome.

Of course, back in the Spring, we had sources telling us that it was rock-solid certain that an agreement was coming, even within days, some even claiming it would take place during Holy Week. We saw how that turned out.

It would be nice if an agreement were reached, but I wonder how much of this is premature speculation; how much is journalists’ wishful-thinking, i.e. “We want to scoop others, so let’s say what we think is going to happen”; and how much is parties on either side using the media to gauge public support for their negotiating positions, i.e. trial balloons.

I’m taking a cautious stance on this again.

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  • I honestly don’t think it’s that concrete.  I think many NOers are as hard set against reconciliation as the most intrasigent SSPXer.  And I think that many NOers in their heart-of-hearts are every bit as wrong about multiple things as is the average SSPXer.  Vatican II was widely and deeply misconstrued and still is—on both sides.  Benedict XVI knows this well.

    Yes, yes, I know there were unfortunate (rash?) offenses by LeFebvre which set the whole thing off, and I know the NOers are nominally in and the SSPXers are nominally out.  That does NOT mean that Rome canonizes the somewhat wacky and shallow street-level beliefs of individuals on either side of this issue as “all-wrong” or “all-right.”  So chill on that.  I’m sick of the shallow commentary on this one.

    I hope at some point the SSPX splits in some way (like it did in Latin America) and we can welcome back with open arms the ones who will come back.  They will do us good and we will do them good.  We owe it to the innocent but sincere of the SSPX membership to keep the conversation going.

  • Is it?  Do you think every single one of them, even the children, are more intransigent than our own dissidents on the left?  Really?

    We don’t have the FSSP around here, BTW.  No one here even knows what that is unless they’re an avid internet reader like me.  We have none of that.

  • Brian: The angry and vengeful Trad is almost a caricature. Why the anger and vitriol? No one here has attacked Traditionalists.

    Part of the problem I think is a perceived self-righteousness and self-proclamation that all the world is damned but the faithful remnant. I’m not accusing you of that, but it’s often how some Traditionalists, especially those of the SSPX bent, appear to others.

    Such attitudes are not amenable in the heterodox and it’s not amenable in the Traditionalists.