I realize I have mentioned them in a long time, but I want to reiterate my endorsement of I think it’s a great web site especially if you make it your homepage. Like Google’s homepage or, it provides a variety of handy information, but in this case tailored for Catholics: the daily Mass readings, saint of the day, reflections from the Catechism and saints. It also allows you to display headlines from both Catholic news services like Catholic World News and Zenit, but also secular news sources. You can diplay weather, sports scores, you name it. Plus you can have it show the latest blog entries from your favorite blogs like Bettnet. What’s not to like?

I’m not getting paid to say this. I just like the site, although I will disclose that Tim Harrison, the guy behind myCatholic helped me for free when I wanted to re-design Bettnet some time ago. And he did a bang-up job.

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