Hearing from the religious left wing

Hearing from the religious left wing

Archbishop Sean O’Malley had a strongly worded reply to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling on Wednesday that demands gay marriage as the law of the land.

“The tone and tenor of this answer clearly demonstrates the overly activist stance of the four-judge majority and is striking even in its dismissive disregard for the substantive issues raised by the justices who dissented,” said a statement O’Malley released. “Clearly, the justices who issued this opinion seem determined to blur the constitutional separation of powers and to usurp the rightful role of the Legislature.”

Of course, there are some Catholics who don’t like this strong stance from our archbishop. They call themselves the Catholic Alliance for Social Justice (and while the Boston Globe calls them a statewide group, there’s no evidence they’re any bigger than the principals) and the names of the coordinators are ones you’ll recognize as leaders and members of Voice of the Faithful: Tom McNaught, Susan Schmidt, and Larry Kessler. What has them riled up? They are warning Archbishop O’Malley to cancel the Sunday rally in front of the State House against gay marriage, calling two of the groups involvedwww.bettnet.com/?p=2489

You have to wonder how reporters decide who to quote in their stories sometimes. In an article about Archbishop O’Malley calling on Catholics to get active in the fight against gay marriage, the reporter quotes a former Catholic who was abused by a priest and became Episcopalian. Why? What qualifications does this man have to make him an expert on religious matters? The guy is quoted as saying: “The gays and lesbians can finally have a place at the table, just as Christ wanted.” Oh really? Christ said he wants gays and lesbians to be married. Can you tell me where or did he just tell you personally?

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Domenico Bettinelli