A retired bishop acknowledged in a deposition that he allowed molesters access to kids, even though he knew what they had done. Retired Tucson Bishop Manuel Moreno said he has regrets. Of course, he does. That doesn’t change what he did.

In the course of the two-hour deposition, held in Pima County Superior Court, Moreno acknowledged, among other things, that he’d allowed priests he knew were child molesters to take kids on trips to Disneyland, where priests would then molest them.

Moreno gave safe haven to molesters from other dioceses, and even a bishop buddy who resigned in disgrace after he was accused of sexual and financial misconduct. He is described by many as one of the most notorious shufflers of molesters, turning a blind eye to horrific acts against young men and women.

Bishop Wilton Gregory says the Scandal is “history.” I say it won’t be history until these bishops are held accountable by the Church and the state for what they knew about and yet allowed to take place.

  • Has the statute of limitations run out on this?  Is this man being prosecuted for his enabling of rapists? He has been sheltering criminals.  If I did the same, you know I’d be in jail.  Why isn’t he?

  • The last U.S. bishop I know of who’s been put in prison was Bishop Austin Vaughn, of happy memory.  His crime?  Trying to save unborn children from violent deaths by abortion. 

    Meanwhile, bishops who aid and abet child molesters continue to run rampant in the Church.

    Bishop Austin Vaughn, pray for us!