Registration open for Boston Catholic Men’s conference

Registration open for Boston Catholic Men’s conference

Registration for the Boston Catholic Men’s conference, scheduled for March 4, 2006, has opened today. For those of you in the Boston area, or able to travel here, this is an excellent event. The last conference was a great success, even for being the first one, and they had about 2,200 guys attend. (My reflections on that event)

This year’s lineup of speakers is also a homerun: Fr. John Corapi of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity; Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, OFM, Cap., preacher to the Papal Household; Dr. Scott Hahn; Sean Forrest, musician and author of those “What Jesus wouldn’t do” that I posted the other day; and of course Archbishop Sean O’Malley to celebrate Mass.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • I didn’t know that yesterday was your birthday. 

    Please accept my belated good wishes. I hope your day was a happy one.

    I hope Melanie is feeling better.

  • Fr Corapi wow!…. I may go now since my home parish is St Luke’s in Belmont.

    Scott Hahn kinda irks me. His online Bible study contained some annoying novelties and his book that insinuates that the Holy Ghost is feminine is probably heretical but anyway…I actually think Kimberly is more interesting and a better speaker…. she’d be great at a women’s conference or one for couples.

    Sean Forrest was at Worcester two years ago and he was great.

    Will they play annoying charismatic rock n’ roll in between speakers like they do in Worcester? That kinda hand waving in a Catholic context and at a Catholic Mass makes me want to wretch but besides all that these conference are great fun.

  • I love Fr Corapi’s voice.  I had forgotten that about Scott Hahn, (feminizing the Holy Ghost).  Rats!  He and Mark Shea have developed a parish-based Bible study program.  I will look to see if the Holy Spirit is depicted that way in the program.  If so, I won’t be persuing it.  I’m trying to stamp out heresy in our parish, not encourage it.

    By the way, is it okay to refer to the Holy spirit as the Holy Ghost?  (I’m so old school)

  • Come on, can we give Scott Hahn some credit? He is a formal Catholic theologian with a proven track record of Magisterial fidelity. He’s not your average crackpot Internet apologist. Theologians theologize. They’re not catechists. Scott Hahn’s job is to explore the Church’s faith, not just rehash someone else’s telling of it. Something can be wrong, or inadequately expressed, theologically without being heresy.

  • I’ve studied under Scott and consider him a friend and mentor and let me tell you that the stuff about “feminizing the Holy Spirit” is blown out of proportion, mainly by some people at New Oxford Review with an axe to grind.

    Scott is not at all heretical and in fact can be trusted as one of the most orthodox theologians out there.

    Something can be wrong, or inadequately expressed, theologically without being heresy.

    … as Scott would be the first one to attest.

  • Lucky you, re: the weather.  It was freezing here, and it rained all day and all evening. Blech!

  • There’s a reason that First Things has refused to accept advertising from New Oxford Review.

  • Reading Scott’s book should clarify the matter.

    First things? Catholic? Who knew?

    Last time I checked “Holy Ghost” had not been proscribed but perhaps my excommunication is in the mail.

  • I apologize for sounding so harsh.  I had seen that opinion at the New Oxford Review.  I’ve just come back to the Church within the last year or so and am very rusty on many issues and sometimes it’s confusing as to whom I should believe/trust on these issues (which is one reason why I love this blog…I feel I’m getting the real deal here…at least from Dom and most of the posters wink ).


  • Lynne,

    You can trust Scott Hahn. As Dom said, the whole Holy Spirit feminine issue is overblown. God is neither male or female but contains all perfections. So all that is good in both the male and female is contained in God. It is our spirit that give form or is the animating principle of our body. The spirit that gives form to the Church is the Holy Spirit. Since the Church is feminine(the Bride of Christ), then it is not unreasonable to refer to the femine aspects of the Holy Spirit.

    I read the book, “First Comes Love”, in which Scott Hahn elaborates on this issue. He explicitly states that if any of his speculation is not in accord with Church teaching then he will be the first to condemn it. The only problem I had with his theory was that Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as “He” when telling the apostles that he will send another advocate, the Spirit of Truth and when He comes etc.

  • Thanks, Dan.  I’m still not comfortable with intimating, however slightly, that the Holy Spirit is feminine.  I don’t want to give New Age feminists an opening…

  • I forwarded the conference information to some male friends last year and would like to do so again. I couldn’t find on the website though where it is being held. Anyone know?

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    I hope that you enjoyed a lovely birthday. Best to you and your wife—

    Cherie B