Refugees from Katrina are going to be spread out all over this country soon. In Lincoln, Nebraska, local shelters are preapring to receive 150 people. Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, a native of Louisiana, is coordinating the effort to bring them from Mississippi.

Jeff’s a friend and a great Catholic. I’m not surprised to see him getting hands on in helping out.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • Hey, I can’t find a link online, but I just heard on FoxNews that fans in Florida are giving up their reservations for the refugees.

    Just thought you’d be interested.
    V. cool ‘bout Jeff. BTW, per Amy’s post about convents, how many empty convents do you think Boston has? 

    Just askin’.

  • Not sure where to post this, but as a resident of Memphis, TN, we’ve supposedly received 10k- 15k refugees up here.  all of our local tv stations have information on where they can go for shelter, food, how to register their kids for school, temp. employement agencies, etc.  [url=][/url] , [url=],[/url] [url=][/url] are these stations websites. 

  • Me:

    There are, I believe, several church buildings in the Archdiocese that can be used to grant hospitality to refugees. Schools, too.


    Heck, there are plenty of closed parishes with people sleeping in pews. Maybe those people can go home to their own beds and let the refugees take their place.

    Great minds, etc. wink

  • Here in Texas we are receiving quite a number of refugees. The Houston Astro Dome is now full, and they are filling up a couple of places in Fort Worth, and two stadiums in Dallas. The news is full of information on how we can give money, and other important information for the refugees themselves. I’m hearing from a lot of fellow students about how their home towns in other states are taking in refugees too.