Red Sox put selves, fans in a different position this year

Red Sox put selves, fans in a different position this year

I sort of feel bad for New York Yankees fans (but not too much). I know what they’re feeling right now, because it’s what Boston Red Sox fans have been feeling quite often the last decade or so.

Over the last 10 seasons or so, it fells like (even if this isn’t born out by the actual stats) that no matter how well the Red Sox played at the end of the season, trailing in second place behind the AL East-leading Yankees, they could just never catch up. Perhaps the tables are turned this year.

While the Yankees, who are presently trailing the Red Sox by 5 games, have won 7 in a row, they just can’t catch up to the Red Sox. No matter how well they play, the Red Sox just seem to win, even coming from behind in the most improbable and/or lucky ways, like last night’s heroic walk-off two-run homer by David Ortiz, although I guess it’s not so improbable considering how many times Ortiz has done that. He is the greatest clutch hitter of our time.

This is not to say that the Yankees are out of the hunt. There’s still the little matter of a final regular-season series between the two teams, and frankly the Sox have some question marks in the lineup and the bullpen. Still, it’s nice to be a fan of the team that’s in control of its own destiny at this point. It’s a nice feeling up here.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli