Reclaiming Mary Magdalene

Reclaiming Mary Magdalene

It was said that last year we had the “Summer of Mary Magdalene,” according to Time magazine, because of all the attention focused on her by the DaVinci Code as well as new interest in certain of the Gnostic gospels. One of the reasons for the fascination was that there was an implicit claim that there was more to her relationship with Jesus than that of disciple and master. Dan Brown came right and claimed they had a child together. The revived Gnostic gospels claim for her a privileged place in Christianity that they said was usurped by Peter, representing the whole patriarchy of the Church.

But the focus on Mary Magdalene as a competitor to the Petrine authority may be fading and we might have Mel Gibson to thank.

  • Todd, you must not get out much if you don’t see the influence the DaVinci Code has on people and their perception of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

    I ran into it just last night at a dinner with friends. Two of the women recently read the book along with one of the woman’s sons who is aged 16. All they could talk about was how the Catholic Church subjugated other just as important gospels in order to “hide” the Truth of Jesus and Mary Magdalene basically so the Church would remain in the control of men. The stuff they were saying about Opus Dei was wholly based on what they read in the book.

    One of them is now reading a book by Elaine Pagels on the gnostic gospels which she found by going into Barnes and Noble and finding it (and many others like it) displayed together on a display constructed entirely for the DaVinci Code and similar books. She was also going on about “Sophia”. Her 16 year old son is waiting for her to finish Ms. Pagels book so he can read it. The other woman asked if she could borrow it. These women do not live in vacuums.

    The Davinci Code is very influential because it is what people want to hear – it’s easy, entertaining and passes itself off as historical fact cloaked in a fun fiction story.

  • The Bishops have emasculated themselves. They are absolutely not in a position to correct doctrinal error because the wordly culture whose admiration they coveted has turned against them. (ref. Lauren Hill’s verbal attack on the curia)

    DaVinci Code is passing for Catholic culture nowadays, I ran into just Friday as a co-worker said he was reading it and cited as the inspiration to visit Rome. Vatican City now passes for the real-life scene for this “great new book.”

    When I suggested that the book bashes the Church pretty good, the co-worker shrugged his shoulders and said the author is taking swipes at everyone, “including the Masons.”

    The Church in the US is in a severly weakened state right now and Satan is gonna do his best to deliver a knockout blow.

    The Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church, but there’s no guarantee for the Church in the US. 

    Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us! Would that we pray for ourselves.

  • Forgive me for sounding naive, but why would Mary Magdalene having been either a prostitute before or Mrs. Christ after help the feminista theologians searching for matriarchy, even if true. (The first could be true; the second definitely is not.)

    If her sin was prostitution, surely the POINT is that she turned away from it; that being a prostitute (or the sexual proletariat) is something one should turn away from; go and sin no more and all of that.

    And if she and Jesus were married and had a child, that’s still behaving like June Cleaver or Harriett Nelson, not a liberated Swinging 60s gal and devotee of Mary Daly. Why wait for marriage—legalized whoredom for women? Why not exercise her right to choose? Having a child is patriarchal slavery unless it involves a lesbian lover and a turkey baster. Or in a pinch—David Crosby.

  • *Some* of the bishops have certainly submerged their teaching and moral responsibilities – for about 2000 years – but God always provides for the faithful one way or another. There are plenty of faithful Catholic writers who have debunked the DaVinci Code very well and it’s up to us to spread the word “A Catholic Response: The DaVinci Code” 50 copies for $12.95. You can leave them in your parish vesibule and keep a couple of copies on hand.