Receive a weekly email from Cardinal Sean

Receive a weekly email from Cardinal Sean


First, there was Cardinal Sean’s Blog and now there’s Cardinal Sean’s weekly email. The Archdiocese of Boston is starting a new email initiative to reach out directly to every Catholic in Boston and all interested people through an email sent out every weekend containing messages from Cardinal O’Malley; links to his blog; links to articles in The Boston Pilot, the archdiocesan newspaper; press releases; CatholicTV programs; events taking place around the Archdiocese; and more.

It’s starting with 10,000 email addresses of those already on various archdiocesan mailing lists and the goal is to get every Catholic household signed up. If you’d like to receive the email, you can sign up on the archdiocese’s bicentennial Web site, Boston200.

Full disclosure: My boss, Scot Landry, is spearheading this initiative.


  • This is a great idea!  I hope other Bishops pick up the blog and email idea.  Folks want to hear from the Bishops.  Local pastors could do the same!  God bless!  Padre Steve