Reality TV that might not be complete fluff

Reality TV that might not be complete fluff

What happens when some reality TV producers want to use the Scandal for some cheap ratings and then get the tables turned on them? In this case, it’s a show called “God or the Girl.” The premise is that they follow four guys discerning a vocation to the priesthood (hence the titillating title.)

During the Q&A, he’d told the Reporters Who Cover Television that “we completely shifted 180 degrees as a result of what we learned from these gentlemen and how much respect grew in us for their decision, for them as men and for the struggle they were going through.”

What they learned from these gentlemen, he told The TV Column, is that these guys could not be manipulated to do things, as participants on other reality series can.

What started as a typical reality TV manipulation/exploitation ended up more like a straight documentary.

Well-adjusted guys with the right attitude

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Domenico Bettinelli