Real support for the troops

Real support for the troops

I had the following thought in a comment below on a “support the troops” resolution before the Massachusetts Legislature.

In general I think all these resolutions are so much wasted paper. Even the “support the troops” rallies are misguided in a way, not because they have bad intentions behind them, but because I think they miss the point. I want to see Victory rallies. I want to see the 75% of Americans who believe the president is doing the right thing to get out there and say it and show the real face of American support for the president and the troops.

What our military needs is not some vague Oprah-ized expression of “support” (whatever that means), but the sure knowledge that the American people are behind them through thick and thin, praying for them and hoping for victory over an evil regime.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli