Real Catholics

Real Catholics

For all those people who “tut, tut” others who use the term “real Catholics” to describe those faithfully live according to the Church’s teachings as best they can, they’ll have to start “tut, tutting” Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver who said in a radio interview that real Catholics cannot be pro-abortion.

“Real Catholics should vote their consciences and not use mental gymnastics to escape their responsibility,” Chaput told host Dan Drayer of Colorado Matters.

Not leaving that to stand alone, he also said:

When asked if the millions of Catholics who probably will vote for Kerry are “real Catholics,” he replied, “If these people vote for a candidate precisely because that person is pro-choice, they are complicit in that pro-choice position, and that is not compatible with the Catholic faith.”

I guess it’s okay to talk about “real” Catholics then, right?

  • Talking about “real Catholics” is only using truthful distinctions to express yourself.  We DO have a lot of people who have ceased to practice the faith.

    I think actually at the present time, there are more ex-Catholics than Catholics.

  • Abp. Chaput delivers a nice helping of bran for a “Catholic” body bloated from a diet of Coca Cola and cotton candy.