Reading beyond the headlines on parental notification

Reading beyond the headlines on parental notification

This is why it pays to go beyond the headlines. This one says, “Study: Parental Consent Laws Affect Teen Sex.” We might be tempted to say “Good” until we realize that it doesn’t mean that it will encourage them to abstain. The first sentence says:

Laws that require federally funded clinics to notify parents if a minor wants to obtain prescription contraception may increase risky sexual behavior among teenagers, according to a new study conducted at a national sample of family planning clinics.

And just who conducted this study? Why, it’s the Alan Guttmacher Institute, part & parcel of the Planned Parenthood abortion empire. You don’t think they have a vested interest in ensuring that teens have unfettered access to contraceptives and abortion, do you?

The article throws a bone to parents: “Although parents generally have the legal authority to make medical decisions about their children…” They don’t just generall have authority, they have authority in all areas, except when it comes to abortion and sex. The radical pro-abortion lobby has declared that area off-limits to parents. By definition, being a minor means that you don’t have the capacity to make serious judgments about weighty, life-changing matters, whether it be signing a legal contract or killing your unborn child. Not so, says the abortion lobby.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli