Priests respond to VOTF

Priests respond to VOTF

I received the following letter sent from a pastor in the Fall River, Mass., Diocese to his parishioners on Voice of the Faithful to be a cogent and on-target exposition of why we must be wary of the group.

Some key points:

  • It is impossible for a group that wants to be authentically Catholic not to take a position on issues such as the ordination of women, sexual morality, abortion, and the divine foundation of the papacy f commitment, of children, of the fundamental building block of society. Nothing about how marriage civilizes men, how it stabilizes communities. Want to see what the world would be like without marriage? Look at college campuses: drunken excess and sexual license are glorified, and, oh, don’t mind the date rape and dead frat boys.

    The civilizing aspect of marriage isn’t a small point. The complementarity of the sexes is there for a reason. Men are by nature prone to excess, and to sexual license. Look at animal nature. Spread your genetic material to as many females as possible. But what’s good for a bull is not good for human beings created in the image and likeness of God. We are called to live in the image of the Trinity. The Father and the Son love each other and because it is divine love, it is creative, and thus a third Person is. The Holy Spirit is the Personified love of the Father and the Son. In the same way, a husband and wife love each other so much, in a committed singular way, that their love is personified—in cooperation with God—in a third person.

    The thing that galls most about this decision is that we now have to define in a constitutional amendment that which everbody knows (national polls put opposition to gay marriage in the high 70s). What’s next? An amendment telling people that the law of gravity can’t be repealed?