Re-defining Christ

Re-defining Christ

Voice of the Faithful held its Palm Sunday Vigil for Accountability today, says Kelly Clark, but she notes that in the process VOTF completely muddles Catholic teaching on the nature of Jesus Christ.

We start, of course, by denying the Divinity of Christ. And put a woman in charge.

“Through dialogue, a foreign woman, moves Christ to change his mind. Her faith opens his heart and mind. Because of her, Christ sees his mission in entirely new terms.”

Not content with Sunday’s readings, the group takes a truly wonderful piece of the Gospel of Matthew (15:27)...and totally misconstrues it.

Distorting the message further with a bit of character analysis, we proceed.

The Canaanite Women…faithful, persistent, not one of the chosen.
Jesus…open to change
Disciples…protective of Jesus, why?

They interpret this Gospel episode as showing that Jesus changed his mind about His mission. The claim that Jesus had originally intended to come only to save the Jews, but that the Canaanite woman “changed his mind.” Of course, the lesson here is supposed to be that if Jesus can change a matter of “doctrine,” then why can’t the Church?

They seem to miss the fact that Jesus is Divine and that His mission was always universal in nature. By the way, read all of Kelly’s post.

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