Rainy Saturday means ice cream, books, and red sauce

Rainy Saturday means ice cream, books, and red sauce

It’s raining again.* It’s been raining for a week straight. It will be raining for another week, they tell us. If I’d wanted to live in Seattle, I would have moved there. Last Saturday, on what would turn out to our last day of nice, sunny, Spring-like weather, I almost wrote that Spring had finally sprung. Yecch.

In order to preserve our sanity, we decided just to get out of the house today and go anywhere. We’re tired of being cooped up and Melanie is tired of waiting for this baby to get on out here. We would have gone to my nephew John Paul’s First Communion down in Norwood today, but I didn’t relish the thought of racing an hour back to Salem in the torrential downpours if Melanie went into labor.

Thus we made our way up Route 114 to Middleton to Richardson’s Ice Cream. It’s a family-run dairy farm that’s been in the same place for 300 years! They also happen to have very good ice cream, and what better way to brighten up a gray day. Afterward, we stopped by the Barnes & Noble store near the mega-mall. I don’t go to the brick & mortar bookstore much. Amazon is much more convenient for me and I generally know what I want. Still, I picked up a couple of books, including Carol Olson and Sandra Miesel’s “The Da Vinci Hoax”, Amy Welborn’s “De-coding Da Vinci”, and “The Cook’s Illustrated Guide To Grilling And Barbecue.”

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  • Well, of course you’d think of Supertramp, Dom.  After all, you took the long way home!

  • Well, that’s backwards, actually.  What really happens is you will scrub the floor in the burst of pre-labor energy derived from hormone activity.  Been there, done that.  Usually the pregnant woman doesn’t have insight into it, either.

    Domenico, watch her closely over the next 2 weeks.  When she wants to remodel the house, work all night, have a giant garage sale, paint everything while telling you she will never have this baby (!!!) she’s just about to go into labor!

  • Dom,

    For what it’s worth, you can use the B&N card online for discounts, as well.

  • Dom, do you have the New Best Recipe Book from Cook’s Illustrated? (foolish question, I’m sure you do) I received it as a gift and I love it.

  • Actually, I don’t have that one, Jen. This was the first Cook’s Illustrated cookbok I bought. I have a membership to their web site and a subscription to their magazine so I’ve been getting the recipes that way.