Question for Bettnet readers

Question for Bettnet readers

As I continue with my plans to redesign this front page of the blog, I need to determine the usefulness of each of the items on it (apart from the blog entries themselves).

To that end, could as many people as possible respond to this question?

    Which of the following items do you use on a regular basis? (or which would you miss if they were gone?)

    1. The calendar

    2. List of the 20 most recent blog entries

    3. The link to the Bettnet Discussion Forum

    4. Link to the Bettnet Store

    5. The search box

    6. Link to the archives

    7. The blogroll

    8. Archive by summary

    9. CWNews ticker

    10. Bettnet for PDAs page

    11. RSS Feed

    12. Menubar (with link to my bio, email, list of other pages, photo gallery)

If you were going to vote out the ads, sorry, but those help pay for keeping this thing going. Thanks.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli