Pushing Planned Parenthood sex education by force of law

Pushing Planned Parenthood sex education by force of law

The Massachusetts Family Institute has sent out an alert email warning that the Massachusetts Legislature is considering a bill that would mandate explicit sex education for all children in public schools. This is House Bill 1641. The basis for the bill can be found in the 1999 Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Framework. Tellingly, this has the support of Planned Parenthood. So what would the bill do? Quoting from the email, it would:

  • Make lessons on sexuality, abortion and birth control part of the core public school curriculum. Moreover, children as young as 5 years would have to “Identify the physical changes as related to the reproductive system during puberty,” and “Define sexual orientation using terminology such as heterosexual, gay and lesbian.”
  • Make this curriculum a mandatory requirement for children in grades kindergarten through 12. It would be required for graduation.
  • Usurp the role of parents as primary educators of their children. May override parents right to opt their child out of offensive sex education programs.
  • Replace traditional religious and moral values, that (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) parents might wish to impart to their children with “political correctness.”

What to do? You’re encouraged to contact your representative. And when he ignores you, vote for his opponent in November.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli