Pseudo-Masses just make things worse

Pseudo-Masses just make things worse

The female pseudo-priests who attempted ordination last month are now spreading throughout the country simulating sacraments. (See Gerald’s link to a story of one pseudo-Mass.)

Canon lawyer Ed Peters says that these simulations of the Mass are making their chances of reconciliation even more difficult for them.

Moreover, the penalty for Eucharistic simulation is automatic, specifically, interdict, which differs from excommunication in a few respects (1983 CIC 1332). The differences need not detain us, though, for 1983 CIC 1378 § 3 allows the penalty of interdict to be increased to excommunication in cases of simulation “according to the gravity of the delict.” It should be obvious that the circumstances surrounding these simulated liturgies are quite sufficient to support the augmentation of the penalty.

And as for those who participate in such pseudo-Masses, they too can’t escape culpability, especially those who actually are ordained priests. Sad to see how intellectual and spiritual pride can affect you.

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  • Here’s your long awaited schism.  It had to happen.  Wonder what the scope will be?  Wonder when/if they’ll join up with Milingo?  It’ll be interesting to watch, I expect.