Protestants helping protestants

Protestants helping protestants

The Boston Globe reports that Boston-area Protestants are reaching out to Catholics during the Scandal. Except they’re reaching out and offering help to the wrong kind of Catholics. When the archdiocese told Voice of the Faithful that it could not form new chapters, Protestant ministers opened up their churches to the dissident group. When the archdiocese imposes a sanction on particular parish, Protestant ministers call the dissident pastor and give him comfort and support.

At first, I was thinking that they should mind their own business and stop meddling in the affairs of our Church, but then I realized they’re just being true to themselves. They must see in the current crop of VOTF and its ilk the same seeds that grew into their own schisms. In a way Cuenin and Bullock and the rest are like modern-day Martin Luthers and John Calvins—they see a problem in the Church and strike out on their own to fix it. I guess I’m waiting for the St. Charles Borromeos who recognize the problem in the Church and stay faithful to God while they fix it.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli