Pro-“Choicers” offended by the choices people made

Pro-“Choicers” offended by the choices people made

Thousands of customers of were apparently searching for both books on adoption and abortion and so the company’s search engines began helpfully recommending adoption books to people seeking abortion books. The dispassionate computer’s advice was based on the choices made by Amazon’s customers. However, the “pro-choice” crowd only approves of certain choices.

Until a few days ago, a search of Amazon’s catalog of books using the word “abortion” turned up pages with the question, “Did you mean adoption?” at the top, followed by a list of books related to abortion.

Amazon removed that question from the search results page after it received a complaint from a member of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, a national organization based in Washington.

“I thought it was offensive,” said the Rev. James Lewis, a retired Episcopalian minister in Charleston, W.Va. “It represented an editorial position on their part.”

But don’t worry. has stepped in and “fixed” the problem.

The New York Times headline on the article says, “Amazon says Technology, not Ideology, Skewed Results.” Now, thanks to the abortion activists, it is ideology that skews the results now.

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