Priests for celibacy

Priests for celibacy

In response to the groups of priests from Milwaukee and elsewhere who have come out with public demands for a review of the discipline of mandatory celibacy, other groups of priests are starting up a counter-movement. Here is one web site for priests to go to add their name to the list.

A couple of days ago, Catholic World News ran a story about another priest group that has come out in support of mandatory celibacy. But have you read anything about them in the mainstream press? No.

I think Catholic bloggers and their readers should publicize this counter-movement and let their own parish priests know about it and encourage them to join.

  • You’re right, it shouldn’t devolve into a numbers game. But there does need to be a response so that the tiny minority does not win by default. “Well, no other priests spoke up so all priests must support this.”

    That’s why I respond to Todd’s comments so often, despite my desire to ignore them. Otherwise someone might think he’s right by default. smile

  • I don’t jest. Maybe most of the liberal priests you know want to discuss optional celibacy, but the vast majority don’t want to discuss it or even open the door to it. Even in ultra-liberal Milwaukee they couldn’t get a majority of priests to sign on.

    And the oppoisiiton is not because they’re “good little boys” (as you put it so insultingly), but because they like their celibate lives and know that it’s better for the priesthood and the Church the way it is.

    Just because some minority opinion want to discuss some option doesn’t mean that even the discussion is good for the Church.

  • Very neat, Todd. So Bishop Gregory and Archbishop Dolan saying that it is not necessary to discuss it is immaturity, and not because, as some have pointed out above, that non-celibate priests never were the norm and that the Church has prayerfully considered over the centuries that a celibate priesthood is better.

    It’s not that there can’t be a discussion, but that the discussion has been done and there’s nothing new to say about it. Celibacy works and is better for the Church.

  • Gee, Todd, you’re amazing that you can read my mind and tell me why I’m “afraid” of the Wisconsin 160, as you call them.

    You can pooh-pooh previous discussions and debates of celibacy all you want, but it’s been discussed and the Church has spoken.

    I saw on another blog recently someone speak of Vatican II minimalism, which is the tendency to look at the distinction between dogma and discipline and ignore the fact that something that is a discipline may still be intended by the Holy Spirit.