Priest comes out as gay and everything’s just fine

Priest comes out as gay and everything’s just fine

In a classic case of the narcissism that characterizes homosexuality, a priest in Louisiana came out of the closet to his parish, saying he’s gay, but celibate. So why was this necessary? If Fr. Jim Morrison is gay, but celibate (but is he chaste?) what bearing should it have on his parish, unless he’s trying to say something about the Church’s teaching? In fact, the Church’s teachings on homosexuality and on chastity and celibacy of priests has not changed a whit since the day this guy was ordained, so the fact that he’s coming out now shows that he’s like the other priests who’ve come out since the Instruction was issued.

Here’s where the narcissism comes in:

As pastor, Morrison told the congregation, “I ask you constantly to trust me. I ask you come to me with your life, all the blessings, all the struggles.”

“But it’s not a one-way street,” he said.

Since when does a priest bring his troubles and struggles before his congregation? When I was a kid, if my dad had come to me to talk about struggles with sexuality, I’d have freaked out. Come to think of it, I’d freak out if he did it now. If the priest wants to talk about his personal life struggles, he talks to his spiritual director, his therapist, his brother priests, or even his bishops. What the congregation needs is not wishy-washy whining from the pulpit about the difficulties or glories of being a gay priest.

Bishop okay with it

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