Priest faces parking fine for bringing sacrament

Priest faces parking fine for bringing sacrament

A Brooklyn diocese priest is facing a huge parking ticket for bringing the sacraments to a dying woman.

The Rev. Cletus Forson, of St. Andrew the Apostle Church in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, was ticketed last month when he responded to an emergency call from a parishioner afraid her mother would die without receiving the sacrament of the sick. Forson is now protesting the $115 parking ticket, although city officials seem unlikely to absolve him.

It used to be that clergy were given window stickers, like doctors and reporters and other non-governmental emergency workers, that would excuse their parking violations for a good reason. Looks like another way that society is becoming hostile to religion.

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  • But why not a warning, then?  What’s the point of his placard if they can’t excuse him with a warning?

    Thank God he just went in anyway.  I know the ambulance saves lives, too, but thank God he went in to give Last Rites anyway.

    I hope his parishioners pay his ticket.

  • This is NYC, there has been much, much abuse of such parking placards and such. I deal with a MD plated car parking illegally every night, same place, driver there to pick up a rich doc. So nothing for anybody anymore…..