Praying for my mom

Praying for my mom

As I’ve been writing on Twitter and Facebook this afternoon, my mom is very sick. She’s had replacement knees for several years and a problem with them getting infected. Twice now, she’s had to have one of the replacement knees removed for a six-week period while they dose with her antibiotics to knock the infection back.

The most recent surgery was a couple of weeks ago, which left her with a stent in her leg. There was concern ahead of the surgery that she might be too anemic or that there wouldn’t enough bone left to re-attach the surgical implant. They were worried they would end up amputating or—worst case—we’d lose her.

Since then she’s been in a rehab hospital and just came home this past week with a visiting nurse each day. Yesterday, she had a bad reaction while taking her IV meds and my sister took her to the ER. Last night, she asked the ER doc if he’d talked to my mom’s infectious disease doctor about whether my mom should be admitted or sent home. The ER doc said he had and that the infectious disease doc had been non-committal. So she went home.

This morning, my mom had a bad reaction again and when my sister called the infectious disease doctor, he said he hadn’t talked to the ER doc! She called 911 again and she’s back in the hospital.

My mom’s labs from yesterday came back and she is septic with a number of infections in her blood, including e. coli. They are moving her to ICU now.

We’re very worried. Please keep her in your prayers.


  • I’m a friend of Melanie’s and saw your link on her facebook page.  I am so sorry to hear about your mom.  She and your family are in my prayers today!

  • Another friend of Melanie’s here. I went to Mass this evening after seeing her FB post so I offered my Mass for your mother’s health, the doctors and your peace of mind. God bless!

  • Dom, I am so sorry to hear about your mother’s illness. I will keep her in my prayers.

  • I have been saying a lot of prayers for your Mom Dom, and hope that everything plays out for the best.

  • I sent a Twitter msg to you, saying I was praying for your mom, and I continue to do so.  Do let us know of any updates, but of course, take care of the family first! 

    God bless you.