Prayers for my mom and Melanie’s progress

Prayers for my mom and Melanie’s progress

Hoping not to overtax the wells of prayer that we’ve requested, but if could fit in a prayer for my mom, we’d appreciate it. We just heard that she’s developed another fever which could be another infection of her artificial knee replacement, since she just came off the previous regime of antibiotics. We won’t know for sure until Thursday, but if it is infected they’ll have to take out the knee, let it rest for 6-8 weeks (with no knee!) and then put a new one in.

This is obviously very discouraging for my whole family and so we’re praying that it is just the flu or something and not the knee. (Imagine praying for the flu!)

Meanwhile, Melanie is doing very well, they’ve got her on a pitocin drip and the contractions are getting stronger and closer together. We may have this baby today.

Oh by the way, her latest blog entry was written from the labor room in between contractions. I think that deserves some kind of blog award. Or therapy, not sure which yet.