Prayer request for pregnant woman

Prayer request for pregnant woman

Alicia at Fructus Ventris has asked for prayers for a possible difficult pregnancy for someone who emailed her.

I am writing to request prayers. About two years ago, I had to have fibroid (non-cancerous) tumors removed from my uterus. My OB-GYN assured me I’d be able to have children when the time came, perhaps with some difficulty, and with the caveat they be delivered by C-section as my uterus lost some of its strength and muscle mass during the operation (hence the potential difficulty conceiving). [Click on the link above to read the rest]

As you can imagine, I am particularly sensitive to this issue now as Melanie and I are expecting our first child (who so far is healthy as is her mother), so I would ask you to join in prayer.

Melanie and I have been praying the following prayer every night and I think it would be appropriate here:

For a Mother with Child

O almighty and everlasting God, through the Holy Spirit You prepared the body and soul of the glorious Virgin Mary to be a worthy dwelling place of Your Divine Son. Through the same Holy Spirit, You sanctified St. John the Baptist, while still in his mother’s womb. Hear the prayers of your humble servant who implores You, through the intercession of St. Gerard, to protect me (her) from the dangers of childbearing and to watch over the child with which You have blessed me (her). May this child be cleansed by the saving water of baptism and, after a Christian life on earth, may it (she/him), with its (her/his) mother, attain everlasting bliss in heaven. Amen.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • thank you for passing that on.
    as you no doubt know, I get lots of prayer requests for pregnancy and fertility concerns. I have also been invoking the aid of St Gianna lately, with very good results.

  • Thanks for posting this. My wife is due in the next few days… a true “miraculous conception” for us: we’ve been married 12 years and have two adopted duaghters. We thought a biological child was impossible for us, but alas, with God all things truly are possible. My wife has had a healthy pregnancy thus far and our (third) daughter seems okay as well – although ready to transition to the outside world we think!

    St. Gerard, Pray for us.