Power corrupts

Power corrupts

“Pelosi ready to make history as new speaker”

A new Congress convenes today with a narrow Democratic majority lording over a despondent Republican minority.

While the full weight of Republicans’ powerlessness sinks in after 12 years of control, Democrats are celebrating the historic election today of the first female speaker of the House.

“We have waited over 200 years for this time to come,” Mrs. Pelosi said on the eve of her selection as speaker, a position that makes her second in line to the presidency after Vice President Dick Cheney.

We will not just break through a glass ceiling, we will break through a marble ceiling,” she said. “In more than 200 years of history, there was an established pecking order—and I cut in line.”

After calling herself “the most powerful woman in America,” Mrs. Pelosi flexed her right muscle like a weight lifter to much applause at an event yesterday titled a “women’s tea.”

“All right, let’s hear it for the power,” she screamed as the jubilant applause continued.

There was a time when statesman and politicians at least made the pretense that they held their offices in order to serve the people. Nancy Pelosi eschews the charade and trumpets her naked lust for power, which we’re apparently supposed to excuse because she’s a girl.

It would be nice if the Democrats would at least, you know, pretend that they wanted control of Congress for any other reason than that they wanted power. Many conservative pundits predicted that when the Democrats actually won Congress in 2006 it wouldn’t take long before they were exposed as having no other agenda than simply being opposite of whatever the Republicans were.

Good luck with that and see you in 2008.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli