Pot priest suffers a setback

Pot priest suffers a setback

The old saying goes that some people exist to provide object lessons to the rest of us. That might apply here. Remember the Ohio priest who earlier this year was arrested along with his “roommate” for growing marijuana plants in the rectory? Father Richard Arko was convicted in April on the charges, but then he took a voluntary leave of absence after he was accused of sexual abuse. Now, things have just gone from bad to worse. The Ohio State Medical Board has suspended his license to perform massage therapy.

How long, O Lord, must your people suffer? Could it get any worse for this poor servant who only wanted to ease the physical sufferings of Your people with some good weed and a little hands-on rubbing (and don’t forget he’s a yoga instructor, too)?

Let this be a lesson to all you seminarians. Sacraments: Yes. Pastoral ministry: Yes. New Age/hippie ministry: No

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  • YUCK!  These stories only emphasize the Ezeikial readings we’ve had in the past couple of weeks (welcome to Babylonia people! ).