Possible uses for the Boston archbishop’s residence

Possible uses for the Boston archbishop’s residence

I was just talking with my brother and we came up with a great plan for the Boston archbishop’s residence that’s being sold. First, we need to win the lottery (that’s the hard part.) Next, we buy it and then … here’s the good part … we lease it back to the archdiocese for $1 per year for 99 years. Can you imagine how some people’s heads would spin at that?

Or better yet, how about we buy it and lease it to Opus Dei or Regnum Christi or the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter? Ahh! Those right-wingers got it! And we could even name it the Cardinal Bernard Law Center for Evangelization. Those heads wouldn’t just spin, they’d explode! It would be worth it just to see all the Globe staffers running around Morrissey Boulevard in consternation.

Oh, if only I had $30 million.

Actually if you think about who might have just come into tens of millions of dollars and might be looking for a new home, a couple of obvious names come up: Roderick MacLeish and Mitchell Garabedian. They are the primary lawyers for the plaintiffs in the $85 million settlement. Along with their other cases they “earned” a princely sum. Wouldn’t it be ironic for one of those guys to set up house in the archbishop’s residence?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli