Pope as First Communion catechist

Pope as First Communion catechist

The full text of the Holy Father’s dialogue with First Communicants in October is now available on Catholic Exchange. I had seen excerpts before, but the whole thing is very nice too.

Obviously, the children would have been prepared with questions beforehand, but the questions are still good ones that I have had to deal with in religious education. One that stands out asks what to do if the child knows he has to go to Mass on Sunday, but his parents don’t take him. That’s a tough one because you don’t want to just come right and tell them that their parents are in mortal sin and in danger of hell. You know that one will come back and haunt you, probably in a meeting with the pastor. Pope Benedict, however, offers a very good response.

However, with a daughter’s respect and love, you could say to them: “Dear Mommy, dear Daddy, it is so important for us all, even for you, to meet Jesus. This encounter enriches us. It is an important element in our lives. Let’s find a little time together, we can find an opportunity. Perhaps there is also a possibility where Grandma lives.”

In brief, I would say, with great love and respect for your parents, I would tell them: “Please understand that this is not only important for me, it is not only catechists who say it, it is important for us all. And it will be the light of Sunday for all our family.”

I think I’m going to print it out and give it to my First Communion teacher.