Polygamy is coming

Polygamy is coming

If we don’t get a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman (state or federal), I am predicting right here and now that polygamy is coming. In fact, I think the argument for polygamy is much stronger than the one for gay marriage (hereafter known as homogamy). After all one of the arguments used against homogamy is that the traditional definition of marriage is several thousands years old, while the innovation of homogamy is a modern construct without any rational meaning. However, polygamy doesn’t have the same handicap.

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  • Ah, but you’re only looking at polygamy in the historical sense. We’re liberated from history now! Why can’t one woman have three husbands? Or one man have three husbands?

    And egalitarians love to re-define what used to be oppressive as liberating. In the old days, pornography was derided by women’s libbers as degrading and offensive, but now the same groups call it empowering. Sin clouds the intellect and the heart.