Poisoning Lutherans

Poisoning Lutherans

It’s like a murder-mystery novel, but it’s not. One man has died. Someone has poisoned 16 people at a Lutheran church in northern Maine with arsenic. Attention is being focused on the coffee served at a post-service meeting on Sunday. It’s a small church in a small town, and while it’s inconceivable to most that someone would have done this deliberately, the investigators are ruling it out as an accident.

It creeps me out when I think of how many times I’ve had coffee at a church function or meeting and realize how easy it would be for someone to poison it. But then, as I blogged a couple of days ago, the chances that something similar could happen again here are so low as to not even think about.

Although the police have ruled this out as well, some people in the small town are wondering if there is a connection to a fire at a nearby Lutheran church and if Lutherans are being singled out. I can’t imagine why. If there is a non-offensive Christian denomination, it has to be Lutherans. Although they did sponsor the “Davey and Goliath” clay animation series.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli