Pilgrimages for the consistory

Pilgrimages for the consistory

Continuing the emphasis that Sean O’Malley is going to be a different kind of cardinal than the people of Boston are used to, the Boston Globe noted the low-key nature of pilgrimages to Rome this week for the consistory compared to those of his predecessor. The archdiocese did not organize a massive 1,000-person trip like it did for Cardinal Bernard Law back in 1984, instead small groups are going on their own, albeit with the help of the archdiocese which is getting them tickets and access. The groups include the Knights of Malta, Legatus, Catholics from his former diocese of Fall River, Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney (it gets him national exposure for his presidential campaign), the local Greek Orthodox metropolitan, and even just interested individuals.

Back in 1984, the archdiocese sponsored the trip, which meant it paid the bill. Such extravagance is not only not O’Malley’s style, it would go over like a lead balloon in this time of fiscal austerity and the closing of parishes and schools.

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