Phoenix diocesan newspaper warns against Komen breast cancer foundation

Phoenix diocesan newspaper warns against Komen breast cancer foundation

The diocesan newspaper in Phoenix has editorialized against the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for its ties to Planned Parenthood. The editorial, signed by the newspaper’s editor but implicitly approved by Bishop Thomas Olmsted, says that Catholics shouldn’t give to the Komen foundation to avoid supporting Planned Parenthood.

The foundation says that the money is only given to the world’s largest abortionist for cancer screenings, but the diocesan newspaper makes the obvious and logical point that money is fungible. It’s not like the money gets segregated from their abortion work. It all goes in one big wallet that supports their primary mission.

“Some will argue the grant is earmarked for areas other than abortion or contraception, so the affiliation between the organizations is inconsequential,” said an editorial in Thursday’s Catholic Sun, the diocese newspaper. “But the sad reality is that the grant money now frees up Planned Parenthood funds for those other areas opposing life and counter to our Catholic faith.”

The Arizona Republic notes that St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix donated $10,000 to the Komen foundation as a sponsor of the race and received a $75,000 grant from them. The hospital is technically not a part of the diocese, but as a Catholic institution they owe him obedience. Will they be getting a call?

Meanwhile, a member of the board of the Foundation for Senior Living, a diocesan organization, is also in charge of public relations for the Komen foundation fundraising walk. She says she has no problem with the grants to Planned Parenthood.

A flimsy hypocrisy charge

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  • I haven’t contributed to the Susan G Komen foundation for years because of this connection.  I didn’t think my respect for Bishop Olmsted could grow any more!  What a fabulous shepard.