Perhaps he meant it for “Bad” Shepherd Sunday

Perhaps he meant it for “Bad” Shepherd Sunday

After hearing that a priest at Boston’s Jesuit Urban Center used his Ash Wednesday homily to encourage everyone to have a Brokeback Lent, I suppose it’s not surprising that one of Amy Welborn’s readers heard a priest use “Brokeback Mountain” as metaphor for a Good Shepherd Sunday homily.

Actually, such a comparison may in fact be apt, just not in the way the original homilist intended. Rod Dreher examines the (in)effectiveness of the Brokeback shepherds and compares them to many of our current pastors of the flock.

Actually, the two protagonists in “Brokeback Mountain” were awful shepherds—they let wild animals kill some of their flock, and they lost some of their sheep when they let them get confused and mix in with other herds. Why did they do this? Because they were so busy getting jiggy with each other, and attending to their own sex lives, that they became derelict in their duties, and the trust that had been placed in them over the lives of those animals.

Sometimes they reveal truths they do not intend.

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