Patriots are 7-2

Patriots are 7-2

So the Patriots beat the Broncos 30-26 with a last minute drive reminiscent of several during their Super Bowl season. Denver has the best pass rush and the second-best defense overall, yet the Pats were able to overcome two turnovers and 14 penalties for 85 yards to win. Belichek remains a coaching genius: Who else would spot the other team two points in a safety, just to get your punter out of the end zone? Who else would have such confidence in his defense to hold the opponent?

And Denver did plenty of work in beating themselves. From Deltha O’Neal’s flubbing of the place kick after the safety (Uh, Deltha, that’s a live ball) to Shanahan having his straight-from-the-Arena-Leagure quarterback passing the ball in the final 3 minutes instead of giving it to Clinton Portis to run out the clock and make first downs like he’d been doing all game.

The last time the Patriots beat Denver in Denver and Miami in Miami in the same season was 1966. The last time they started the season 7-2 was sometime in the Decade of Disco. I’m liking this team.

Oh by the way, who says Buffalo is going to the Super Bowl again?

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  • I thought the lead in at the church with Christopher Lloyd was masterful…

    Also, the Aerosmith piece..

    The refs had it in for us, but the network sure loves the Pats.

    That game screams that this is a team of destiny!