Patrick reverses Romney’s stem cell regulations

Patrick reverses Romney’s stem cell regulations

The long slide into cooperation with evil continues. Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick plans to change former Gov. Mitt Romney’s regulations concerning embryonic stem cell research. Patrick will ask the Public Health Council, which instituted the regulations in 2005, to re-visit its decision, which should result in a change since Patrick is appointing new members of the council.

“I believe that life sciences should be guided by science, not politics,” Patrick told the roundtable of biotechnology officials.

What he means is that scientific research should be guided by expediency, not morality or ethics. When he says “politics” in this context, what he means is public policy decisions based on a concept of traditional morality that does not subjugate the lives of many to benefit the lives of a few. What is Patrick’s own decision if not an expression of politics?

The USA Today story itself plays politics. While Patrick’s motives are portrayed as selfless…

“Embryonic stem cells have the capacity to become any cell in the body, and scientists are eager to expand their research with them to treat a variety of diseases, from Alzheimer’s to diabetes. Patrick noted that his mother-in-law suffers from both, while his late mother had lupus.”

… Romney’s motives are supposedly selfish and politically oriented …

Abortion opponents complain about the destruction of embryos that occurs in harvesting the cells. Romney has been heavily courting social conservatives.

Oh those complaining abortion opponents. Don’t they have anything to do except complain and be negative? Hey, USA Today, if you could write an unbiased report, maybe you could have written that pro-lifers see the research as destroying the lives of unborn children? You don’t have change the way you write about the liberal, but you could give evenhanded treatment to the conservatives. Of course, I’m sure the reporter and editors don’t even see their own bias.

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