Pat Madrid on Pope Joan

Pat Madrid on Pope Joan

Pat Madrid has posted on the Envoy Encore blog an excerpt from his book “Pope Fiction” about the Pope Joan myth, thoroughly debunking it once and for all. It’s worth a read and he also provides an audio link.

These secular reporters, like ABC’s Diane Sawyer who perpetrated this current baloney on us, think they’re undermining the Church by bringing up all these “new” objections when in reality this is all old news that only the most gullible will buy. Thank God for people like Pat who take the time to unmask these myths and for the Internet that makes it easy for us to find out about them.

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  • Depressing poll results on AOL’s version of the ABC story: 

    Do you think there was a Pope Joan?
    Yes, seems so 61%
    No, it’s an urban legend 22%
    I can’t decide 17%
    Total Votes: 57,250

  • My Lutheran sister-in-law, more than a decade ago, gave me a secular chronicle of the history of the popes…and it debunked the “pope Joan” myth easily and in about 3 or less paragraphs.

    I didn’t the show and I don’t really need to buy a book that destroys a myth that’s been laughed at for decades upon decades.

    It might’ve had a chance before the Internet (although I doubt it) but it’s toast now.

    No wonder TV’s in such a desperate situation!

  • Funny that the secular elites accuse people of faith of believing a bunch of stupid, unfounded myths.

    On the contrary, it’s them who believe that the Church once taught that the earth was flat, and executed people who dissented, and that there was a Pope Joan.

    Chesterton’s quote was never more true than it is now.  People who don’t believe in God don’t believe in nothing, they’ll believe anything.

  • Kelly,

    To be fair, Pat’s book is about a lot more than Pope Joan. Only one chapter is devoted to debunking the myth. The rest of the book is just as valuable if not more so.

  • I’m sure it is, Dom. My comment was more directed toward the ABC show, which I didn’t see.

    That said, I am considering suing Diane Sawyer, along with ABC, for four billion dollars unless they can prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Pope Joan really existed. wink

    I may have to request a change o’ venue for my case…hey, how about Italy?