Parenting skills

Parenting skills

I’m afraid that someday I’m going to make the same parenting mistake that Scott Adams has made. I think my kids are going to learn all kinds of things I’m going to have to “un-learn” later on. That is, if Melanie doesn’t kill me first.

The other day my future step kids, ages 6 and 8, were playing with my recumbent exercise bike. Their tiny butts both fit on the seat and they each controlled one pedal. I was watching TV nearby and overheard this conversation:

Justin (age 6): “Don’t pedal backwards!”

Savannah (age 8): “Why not?”

Justin: “When you pedal backwards, it makes you weaker!”

Savannah: “No it doesn’t.”

Justin: “It does! Scott told me. Ask him yourself!”

Savannah: “Scott, did you tell Justin that pedaling backwards makes you weaker?”

Me: “Um…I might have.”

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  • I’ve been debating with my oldest about the existence of flying squirrel monkeys. Look there are 1) squirrel monkeys and 2) flying squirrels, so there must be flying squirrel monkeys. I used the ‘Wizard of Oz’ as my proof that such creatures exist.

  • As a fellow father-to-be, I agree that you’ve gotta be careful.  I guess kids will believe (and repeat) anything they hear!  I am guilty of this myself.  Growing up, a friend and I convinced his 4 year old brother that he was in fact a lemur named Toby.

  • That only lasts till the child turns 13 (14 if you’re lucky).  At that point, they stop believing most of what you tell them.

    Don’t ask me how I know.


  • One fellow told me that when he found out that the Tooth Fairy did not exist, he stopped believing in Jesus too.

    (He had since re-converted back to Catholicism).