Organist, cantor ousted for protesting during Mass

Organist, cantor ousted for protesting during Mass

Let me get this straight. It’s not okay for Catholic clergy to state from the pulpit that people should support the institution of marriage by signing a petition for a constitutional amendment. But it is okay for politicians like Bill Clinton and John Kerry and Jesse Jackson, as well as all the liberal clergy, to get in the pulpit and argue their ideologies.

Meanwhile, the Boston Globe reports a one-sided article about an organist and a cantor who were relieved of their duties at a Catholic church in Boston after protesting during Mass against the marriage petition.

As he looked on, said Patrick Kilduff, the church’s organist for 28 years, he grew angry that the archdiocese had chosen a Saturday Mass to make what he considered a political statement.

So before he was supposed to play the closing hymn of the Mass on Oct. 8 , Kilduff walked away from his organ in protest. His cantor, Colleen Bryant, stood in front of the congregation and told them that they did not have to sign the petition if they did not want to.

Bryant was fired and Kilduff resigned.