One last dig

One last dig

Speaking of media coverage, some of them are having a hard time keeping their reflexive antipathy for the Holy Father’s teachings in check. Witness the New York Times in its announcement of the Pope’s death:

In the last few weeks before his death, he deteriorated to the point where he seemed, as his spokesman once said, to be ‘a soul pulling a body’ - an example, his supporters said, of the dignity of old age and the value of suffering. Some critics said it was a symbol of a papacy in need of rejuvenation.

Remember, when you hear “some critics,” it means that the reporter is either giving his own opinion, what he thinks is a common opinion, or what people who would rather not be quoted by name are saying. And what they’re saying here is that the next Pope needs to promote a liberal “modernizing” agenda, likely including a free reign for sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, women’s ordination, and the whole heterodox panoply. Sorry to disappoint them, but it’s not going to happen.